I’m Alive!

Hey, I haven’t died! I’m still alive and well (very chilled after the end of my exams). But my-oh-my do I have a lot of music to catch up on.

In the comings weeks I’ll have brand new music from an exciting London based producer ‘bassDrumsnareDrum’ and others, also interviews galore! They’re a secret though 😉

So, today I’m posting about one of THOSE tracks. One you hear on the radio and from that moment you want it. I have been begging to see a 320 of this track in my iTunes library for a good while. It was a damn happy day when I did. It’s Rusko’s new track – Everyday. First dropped on NYE and ‘Together As One’ this one’s set to hit the charts I’d say. It’s huge, with face-melting amounts of bass and trancy overlays. The lyrics give it a relatable touch for you non-Dusteppers out there. I just can’t wait to see this one ready for purchase. Big up Rusko!
Rusko – Everyday

Peace out,