Movin’ Out/Coming Back!

Having finally emerged from the examinations jungle that January depressingly and lets face it, counter-productively, brings with it, there is now a fair bit of catch up to be done! But as Tom has previously mentioned to simply drop loads of tracks straight up without giving them due lip service would be to do them, their artists and you, our readers, a disservice. So we’ll take things one at a time, which probably ain’t a bad mantra in general…

Listening through a backlog of tracks is always a bit of a challenge, trying to give everything time can be tough and as such the first that catch your attention are the, well, the catchy ones really.

And this “Movin’ Out” by SoLo featuring Young Mel sure is infectious. It opens up with a jukebox style take on the Billy Joel track of the same name that provides a tight beat throughout. SoLo comes out with great energy matching hitting the first beat in that way that just makes you sit up and listen. He lays down a solid verse that is as fun as much as it is anything else, maybe the lyrics “Stay hurting instumentals putting rappers on their crutches,” aren’t the deepest you’ve ever heard but they’re not really meant to be. The chorus, layed down by Swagga Bob, is stand out, it’s infectious and sticks with you, not unlike swine flu perhaps, providing some light memorable relief to the denser verses’. Young Mel, sounding very Jay-Z-esque, hits up the second verse with some solid hip-hop fare which offers some nice contrast to SoLo’s verses with SoLo then closing out with some “verbal propaganda”.

There’s something yet to be mentioned that is as integral to this track as anything else, and that is it’s production.   It’s unusual to hear as track as watertight as “Movin’ Out”  from someone whose not yet signed, although as can be seen from the well constructed video, (yes they have matched the checked shirt and hat look!) must have some guys backing him. The production values here really testify to that, perhaps the best credit that can be given is the fact that you don’t really notice the production, perhaps the heavier echoing slant on Joel’s original beat being most evident, but more  just how crisp and well leveled the track is.

That’s enough from me, check out the track and download below and the video above, and continue enjoying life…

Movin’ Out feat Young Mel – SoLo