The Baretta’s

The Baretta’s, a band formed by the supposed grit and decay of their hometown Hamilton. Power pop with far more blues and rockabilly  influences than your typical all female trio. Having formed after the lead singer Katie started playing the guitar during a lengthy school suspension (Tut, tut) they have played a series of underground gigs around their hometown that have caused a huge stir. And quite rightly so, on their newly released 7″ Touche (that is also available FREE)  there are 2 pop gems showcasing just exactly what the Baretta’s are currently all about. Comparisons vocally can be drawn to the likes of Imelda May, whilst the nature of both artists could not differ more dramatically, the comparisons and contrasts of them definitely makes the hard edged, whilst remarkably endearing, sound of The Baretta’s far far more exciting.  Just look at them too (nothing weird), stylistically they are wonderful! Straight up nostalia dripping 50’s chique, a throwback to their influences I suppose.. Perhaps it is the results of the superficial culture that we are now a part of, but the look and feel of The Barettas supplement their music beyond your average trend setting fads. For them it seems, the music they create really is a reflection of their way of life.. and probably better for it.

So anyway,  both songs on their single are available on their bandcamp that you can visit HERE along with some more information on the slightly mysterious Baretta’s. Both songs on their new single however are hosted below and you’re most welcome to listen to and download. Enjoy them, I did.

Black Sheep – The Baretta’s


Touche – The Baretta’s


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