OMFG! The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness


Unless you’ve been living under a music and radio proof rock for the last few days you will know that The Strokes have just released their single for free on their website around about an hour ago, they did this because they knew a radio rip after it airs on Radio 1 tonight would be inevitable, so they may as well give their biggest fans a decent version to get their hands on. It’s safe to say, as long time Strokes fan we were excited. Now, whilst Julian Casbalancas’ solo stuff was all well and good, it didn’t do much to satiate our thirst for some more of The Strokes, in fact, whilst there were some notable favourites on First Impressions Of Earth, we’ve been waiting around 6 years (Room On Fire, 2004) for some new Strokes brilliance.

Now, apparently the site crashed and it’s not on hypem yet, but maybe that will all change and their will be an influx, in fact that is inevitable, but here is the Strokes new single for all to enjoy. Oh, and apologies for posting twice in the same day, but this is a very special day.

Oh yeah, the song’s pretty good too, a definite return to roots, not quite ‘Is This It’ but  ‘Undercover Of Darkness’ has definitely brought our Strokes addiction out of remission, bring on March 22nd!

Here’s a link to the download, enjoy.

Under Cover Of Darkness – The Strokes