Sabatta – Livin’ The Life

It’s definitely harder to write about music that whilst you enjoy, doesn’t necessarily fall into the spectrum of what you usually listen to, so you may have to bear with me.

So a quick little introduction to Sabatta… I’m kidding, I know almost nothing about them! What I do know though, is that they hail from London and like to call their sound ‘Grunge Soul’. It’s pretty apt description and definitely saved me the time of trying to describe it or label it, not that music needs labelling… eugh let’s not go there.

So, it’s funky, it’s punky annnnddd I can’t think of anything to continue that rhyme with. Suffice to say it’s a pretty cool track full of some crazy squelchiness, twang-y guitar and a whole load of swagger. It also looks like they have a SoundCloud full of other tracks that are just as great (check out Supa Nastee). I’m excited, you should be to.

So here’s ‘Livin’ The Life’ a track from a soon to be released album (I assume it’s a compilation album?) ‘Yinka Music Vol 1: SEX.POWER.DEATH’. Sounds delectable…

Check out Livin’ The Life after the drop.

Livin’ The Life – Sabatta

Oh and also have a look on their MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud and even their own SITE!.. See if you can find out more than I did.