Bastille – Icarus


The mainstream’s a funny thing, and one that hours could be spent analysing, and usually mocking. It’s funny because artists such as Bastille, with what would could be deemed perfect ‘pop’ songs in the truest essence of the word, opposed to the genre it’s become, struggle to get heard. It definitely raises the question about whether it is the media exposure or the music itself that sells records, my cynicism would usually lead me to draw my conclusion to it being the former, though maybe I’m speaking for my generation, the ‘youths of today’ whose opinions do, sadly, seem to be very malleable in the hands of the media. Enough being the bearer of bad news though, keep reading to check out Bastille, perfect pop that not enough people have heard, more fool them.

Whilst that was a digression, and one that anyone who has spent enough time around niche music cultures would have heard a hundred times before, and no doubt more eloquently too, Bastille is a good example of an artist that SHOULD be big, but just doesn’t have the backing… yet. Pop is a force unto itself now, but of course it stems from ‘popular’, a term that should apply to ‘Icarus’ by Bastille (his other stuff is very good too… but let’s just focus for a minute). It would seem that Bastille, a solo project turned band, have captured exactly what is necessary to create a brilliant pop song, but with his own slant.

The allure of  certain songs is often hard to pin point, and more often than not it’s a sum of its parts, that is definitely the case with Icarus, a metaphorical tale of danger, risk and love interwoven with soothing verses and soaring choruses; it’s hard to see what’s not to like really, and why it isn’t being played 10 times a day on Radio 1 already.

Somehow Bastille has created a song that sounds incredibly majestic, a trait definitely attributed to the great rhythm and beat set by the, err, drums I guess.. There’s that rare, magical, emotionally laden quality to it that cannot be manufactured, it also helps that Dan’s (AKA Bastille) voice is charming and heartfelt. Ohh and there are string instruments too, not just guitars, proper stringed instruments, I’ll go out on a limb and say violins, but that’s a shot in the dark. Damn my musical ignorance!

In all honesty though, I cannot see why truly brilliant songs like this don’t get more attention. it’s talent like this that is the driving force behind this blog. If there are  great, if not brilliant, artists like Bastille that can be found with under 1000 listens, imagine the rest of the talent there is out there.

Here’s the stream, I really hope you appreciate it as much as we did,  you can download it either from the stream (Click the down arrow) or the usual right click on the download below…

Icarus – Bastille

Oh, and make sure you check Bastille and their other material on Youtube, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter 🙂