Fortune Family Return!

Now you may remember the Fortune Family tracks from a couple of months back now, yeah it really was that long ago, not sure where said months have gone but that’s all beside the point! Anyway, those tracks were “Take Me Away” an innately catchy, hoodie-esque, chipmunk sampling gem and “My Energy” a suitably energetic, hard hitting and immediately attention grabbing track. This latest release “Hasta La Vista” at first seemed to struggle to compete, if anything though this only proves how wrong first impressions can be…

“Hasta La Vista” featuring OnCue, who lays down a solid mid verse that provides a nice contrast to the Hobson and Reef sandwich, is a slightly new sound from The Family, its subtler and more chilled out, very much easy listening, that is perhaps why it doesn’t immediately jump out in the same way as “Take Me Away”. But man does it grow, that beat and Sufjan Stevens sample just seems to nestle away somewhere in the subconscious so that every time you listen it’s unlocked and just sounds better and better!

However, it’s not the backing that makes the track, there is far more to it than that, after all there is a lot of college rap around at the moment with infectious beats, which dont get me wrong we at HMCMB are huge fans of. Yet, for me, Fortune Family are in a different league, for one simple reason, their excellent lyricism. It is that which makes “Hasta La Vista” the grower that it is, every time you listen you pick up yet another insightful line. In their own words they “publish the very poems I recite now”. For me it just seems that every line has been carefully considered before going down be it the cultural references “McCartney and Lennon called us young dreamers” or the jovial chorus “we don’t got fans we got a lotta believers” through to the more profound lines, be it the slightly unexpected death references or the big questions, “but is it a career to hold kids and a wife down?”. I am aware that I have probably included far more quotes and possibly gone a little deeper than is ever really acceptable, but the problem is even with the lyrical glut above there are still many more great lines, essentially what I’m saying is it’s probably best if you just have a listen, and a real good one at that!

So without further ado, other than quickly mentioning the fact that “Paradox” The Fortune Family EP, Paradox, is out later  today and should definitely be checked out, if only as a more accessible alternative to Shakespeare! Or perhaps more seriously, as a genuinely exciting prospect from a hip-hop duo with a future that is hopefully as bright as it deserves to be.

Here is Hasta La Vista

Hasta La Vista (Feat. OnCue) – Fortune Family