Hoodie Allen – You Are Not A Robot (Video)

So, as well as it being the Brits, which i’m refusing to write about to any depth given its androgynous shallowness.. It’s also the release date for Hoodie Allen’s new ‘You Are Not A Robot’, and as fans of all things Hoodie, here it is for all to enjoy. It involves Hoodie, and robots. Lots of robots. I Love Robots.

Any of fans will know how great he is on a personal level and that his fan interaction is unparallelled. This video highlights this, produced, acted and filmed using just his fans for support. He’s taken time off from his job in Google, and as the video portrays, taken on a DIY ethic for 2011. Please help him get as much coverage as possible by either sharing this post or the YouTube link! I can’t think of a better act to help promote right now.

Here’s the song ‘You Are Not A Robot’, any hardcore HMCMB fans will know, but just in case you don’t..