Love Inks

Simplicity can often provide a far better listening experience than something that’s overcomplicated either through over production or synth rape. Less can definitely be more. It would be rude to just label Love Inks as ‘simple’ though, after all, I’m sure it can sometimes take a lot of work to get something simple to sound uplifting whilst not getting boring.. Am I right?

So, Love Inks, a trio hailing from Austin, Texas that whilst having not much to show for themselves currently given that they’re still in their infancy, have already managed to secure a record deal and spot at SXSW. They do live there though…

Their album, with the same being said for ‘Blackeye’, the song on which this post is based, was all recorded in their bedroom with a focus on simplicity and a positive feel throughout, though I’ve kinda mentioned that already. I guess the length of this article is representative of quite how little I know about Love Inks, though from what i’ve heard, I’d be very keen to find out more.

So to summarise then. Catchy, feel good, album out soon, streaming of ‘Blackeye’ available below along with a download link.

Simplicity is a wonderful thing…

Blackeye – Love Inks