e-dubble – Written Thursdays

A while ago we put out an article on what we considered to be our favourite e-dubble tracks, it was a tribute post to commemorate the end of his ‘Freestyle Fridays’. In that article (HERE), we alluded to the fact that there may be a mixtape in the offing, and potentially, it could have a selection of his strongest, or favourite tracks.

Well, IT’S HERE!!!!

Funnily enough when I read the articles on Sunset In The Rearview and Pigeons & Planes who are both hosting the mixtape along with BroBible, the download wasn’t quite up yet. Safe to say it is now and it’s one hell of a mixtape. Nicely mixed and with outro’s removed this is the definitive e-dubble product of his last years worth of musical progression. I’ll keep this short and sweet because I feel the credit should go to the host sites, who have put it far better than I ever could both HERE and HERE.

Sunset In The Rearview – Written Thursdays preview

Pigeons & Planes – Written Thursday Mixtape

Once again, big up e-dubble! ‘Keepin’ things real’ for the masses.

Download his mixtape from the link below


And if you aren’t convinced or somehow missed us blathering on about him before, here’s some streams and a trackback to one of a list of our favourite e-dubble tracks.

The Inbetween


Hey Man, Check My Band –  e-dubble,  We Salute You!