The big man from Sheff dropped in for a chat, a man of few words.. But hey he can get away with it because he’s a manamanabadman!

Hiya Tom,

Great to chat. Nice to see there’s some still some great personalities in the business.


First of all, I’ll start off with straight forward question, for our readers that don’t know much about you. In the words of Cilla Black, what’s your (real) name, and where d’ya come from?

Tom Bell, from Sheffield. But I live in London.

You’ve had a pretty busy year last year on the production front, with collabs with stars such as Ms Dynamite, and the huge remix of Gyptian’s ‘Hold Yuh’ can we expect a new album soon? And if so when?

Yeh thats what I’ve been working on the most.. Early this year you will see it, and it will be big!

How did you get into the industry? Would you consider yourself to be somewhat of a computer/ technical geek?

Yeah man, I’m pretty geeky with the computer deffo… I’m always on my computer or iPhone screwing about you know.

Where did you learn your production skills?

Endless nights on the computer learning away and also been lucky enough to have people around me who were willing to show me stuff. I’m still learning though everyday!

Moving on to the more live side of things…In your sets do you just feel the vibe and make it up as you go a long, or do you have a kind of pre planned show?

Always freestyle it although I find my self reaching for the same tunes … I’d like to be more brave and experiment with my club sets.

What’s the best gig you’ve played at this year?

I love em all! The ones in my hometown are always big though.

I know it’s cliche but who would you cite as your main influences? If any?

Local Sheffield DJs i used to go watch .. DJ Pipes, Winston Hazel, Chris Duckenfield …

If you could pick to be put on the bill with any DJ/Producer right now, who would it be?

Redlight, Roller Express is biiig and he’s awesome to play with.

What’s the most exciting thing happening in your life right now, what’s the next big thing we can expect from Toddla?

I’m really excited for My tunes with Shola Ama

Moving on to things of a more light-hearted nature..


With all the competitions you’ve been running lately, when the DJ and production work dries up, could you see yourself becoming some sort of a game show host, which one would you choose to host if that were to be the situation?

Boi I’ll take any work I can get once the hype is done! I’m not very skilled in many areas so if I get the call to do a game show I’m deh yuh! I’d have to invent my own show though!

And finally.. Sheffield, or London?

Sheffield for ale, London for international ladies..

Cheers Toddla!

Thats alright boss. Speak soon.

Also, just thought I’d pop this in there, brand new from Skream!
Skream – Jukebox