LejittBeatz – Remixes

So it’s been a pretty damn hectic week… Whether or not this is a good thing, it certainly hasn’t been boring, or bad, wouldn’t have turned down a little spare time, is a discussion which ironically enough there hasn’t really been time for! It does however mean two things. Firstly I’ve been on the lookout for some soothing and languid tracks to take the edge off things, and man has LejittBeatz, or Jitu Varanasi as he is probably known to his friends, answered that call. Secondly, and rather less fortuitously, I haven’t much time to write about said tracks. So I’m afraid it’s gonna have to be brief.

First up is his “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” remix. Now with remixes it’s easy to try too hard, to do too much, and yet at the same time a producer has got to put their own mark on a track. Hence there is a very fine balance to be met between redefining but retaining the original. I’m pleased to say that on this occasion that balance has been met, distorted layering and hints of dub coupled with a reduced tempo work off each other to produce an atmospheric, echoing re-work.

Next up is a “Shutterbug” remix, there’s been a few of those right! But Lejitt takes things down a different path, in a similar vein to the first remix. Choosing to focus on creating a trance-like, resonant piece using a sample from Ohio based Ambi-Drone band Emeralds, it’s a bold choice but it comes off well to give a real moody feel to the track.

Right must dash, downloads and streams are below, enjoy and hopefully you can fill in those extra bits that I probably should’ve written about!

Stuntin’ Like My Daddy (Lejitt Remix) – LejittBeatz

Shutterbug (Lejitt Remix) – LejittBeatz