Paz – Whiskey & Cocaine

Ok, so I’m a little spun out.

Everyone knows that feeling when weird coincidences become apparent to you. Whether it’s links between people unbeknownst to you, seemingly random events and their consequences or any of the other myriad of situations you can imagine. We also all know that it feels great, and you can’t help but want to share your story/string of coincidences/penny drop moments with the world. This desire to find get the story heard so you can have someone to talk to about it can never be satiated though because, usually, when you do manage to explain the story, no one gets quite as excited by it or are as impressed as you were when you first found out. Just one of life’s small inadequacies.

Though I don’t know Paz, nor was I aware of his existence until we got an email about him, the feeling still most certainly applies. This is a music blog, but if you will allow me to devote some word count to the story of Paz as I see/have read about it, I think you’ll be in for a treat. Or at the very least a prologue of the soon to be successful career of this enigmatic musician.

Oh, and before I get to it, his music’s awesome too.

From what I can read/see Paz was a student at Yale, with a passion for music and rugby, as well as singing and drinking and Frat parties… Standard.  He aimed to write songs that don’t quite fit a genre, or more to the point, songs that fitted lots of genres. He’d stop midflow, only to jump into something new, comparing himself in that way to a DJ. This lack of care for conventional means and sounds caught the attention of Tim McGraw, the hugely successful country singer.

Paz, taken under McGraw’s wing, left Yale to go on a country tour. It was whilst on this tour that his mixing of hip hop and country turned heads and started to really get people talking.

A few months later, ‘Young, Broke & Fameless’, Paz’s new mixtape was released. Having set up a deal with Frostwire, the mixtape, released August 2010, has now been downloaded over 700,000 times. Safe to say the shrewd thinking and dotcom entrepreneurship used to arrange this deal worked very much in Paz’s favour, though whether labels will appreciate it is another story.

It was from this, as well as Paz moving to Hollywood, that caught the attention of huge stars such as Kanye West that threw him a shout out, announcing ‘you’re going to know this kid real soon’ and similar praise from other recognised fans the Black Eyed Peas! Big praise from some of the world’s biggest stars!

What is interesting however, is that artists can flood ‘The Hype Machine’ or ‘’ with far less downloads than the mammoth 700,000. For some reason Paz just failed to get on the radars of the blogging networks, who it is fair to say are usually pretty sharp at catching onto what’s big next. That would lead me to assume that people downloaded the mixtape, through Frostwire and other P2P sites, without having searched for it. Whilst this is still brilliant it needs to be understood that this 700,000 is not necessarily representative of his internet based fame. From looking at his Hollywood antics though that’s all set to change.

Before continuing this saga, make sure you check out Paz’s websites and social networks, I assure you that he makes the following cut down and stripped back stories far more entertaining and interesting.!/pazpaz

Particularly the bottom link, that’s his site.

Anywayyy, for those of you who’s browsers are currently stretched to the limit so can’t take another tab, or who’re reading this via email or have any other network based issues, I shall summarise and give my own 2 cents until you get the chance to check it out properly.

Via some major news sites, I noticed a pretty cool story about some schmuck called Paz who had stolen Paris Hilton’s 30th birthday cake, at first I didn’t make the connection between the two, until we received another email from his representatives, the consequence: lots of jaw drop/penny drop and frenzied story telling. Yep, exactly that revelatory feeling described above.

The story gets even cooler though, if you jump over to Paz’s facebook page you can see that he’s put up a picture of the cake the next morning whilst all hung over, and on his site there are pictures of him giving it to the homeless in a less privileged part of LA. That’s right, a modern day genre bending, Hollywood living, super intelligent and care free Robin Hood. Stealing from the rich to the give to the poor has never been so Hollywood… Unless you count that rubbish Russell Crowe rehash last year. Eugh.

Safe to say he has loads of other stories too, some involving a part in the new Seth Rogen film ‘The Green Hornet’ completely, completely unintentionally, as well as beer pong with Avril Lavigne and some other celebs.  I won’t ruin these gems here though, make sure you head to his site ASAP for a full recollection.

It’s about time his music gets a fair mention. This whole article got re-written after some internet scouring by myself into the massively interesting life of Mr Paz. It was a pretty regular post that just gave praise to his music, particularly his acoustic led tracks, definite stand outs on his ‘Young Broke & Fameless’ mixtape. The lyricism of Paz deserved particular credit, they document his life so far, particularly his experiences in LA. His tracks are also full of cultural references that leave a Brit like myself trawling through pages and pages of Perez Hilton to fully appreciate – yeah I have too much time on my hands! I’d like to give an overall comparison of his music at this point, but I really can’t. Not because his sound is ‘totally new’, but because he just has so many sounds!  Some tracks sound like a good 3Oh!3, whilst others drip with Jack Johnson-ness. He also has a host of tongue in cheek remixes… Brilliant.

My advice?  Download the mixtape yourself and draw your own conclusions.

I saw another conspiracy-esque post detailing how Paz and Paris Hilton are friends, and this was a media stunt to get him recognised, this is no doubt possible, but I refuse to let it ruin this brilliant story.

Young and Broke? Maybe. But Paz is no longer Fameless. I’m incline to agree with Kanye (How often can you say that?!), you’ll know all about Paz soon, I for one can’t wait.

Here’s, for me, the stand out track on the mixtape.

Whiskey & Cocaine – PAZ

Just google ‘Young, Broke & Fameless’ for a link to his mixtape.

Oh wait, I’ve done it for you:

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