Chase & Status – Southampton Guildhall

So, last night me and Muttley Maynard Photography went ALL the way to Southampton to snap/review Chase & Status with support from Yasmin and Redlight.

At first approach to the venue I was taken-aback really, a large stone town hall doesn’t really seem the ideal place to hold a dance music gig. However, after stepping inside, 30 mins later (long story), we walked inside to discover the place to be pretty packed within the first minute, the lighting was already pretty epic, but I knew there was more to come. Redlight wasn’t the most subtle of support acts but he set the mood, it was one of blistering pace and intensity, with Dread getting the crowd hyped they wanted more. As Yasmin stepped onto the stage I think everyone felted a bit short changed with a solo female singer because they wanted to dance, but she really bought her own energy and managed to lift the crowd even more playing with a DJ and a drummer, I think the scratching from the DJ over the backing track didn’t really suite the performance but none the less it was irrelevant as her mesmerising lyrics cut through the bass and filled the room with anticipation for the main act, especially with the huge Shy FX produced ‘On My Own’!

Despite the long wait for Chase and Status filled with repetitive music (that’s coming from a house DJ!) they came on stage, to an deafening scream from the crowd. They started off at a pace that did not slow down, getting stuck in straight away with the comical, but speaker shattering ‘No Problem’ sending shivers down every member of the crowd’s spine. Within the first 30 seconds of the track they had the whole of the hall packed to the rafters going mental, for those concerned that they’d peaked to early there was no need to worry! Moving swiftly on to ‘Eastern Jam’ they kept the crowd euphoric.They incorporated screens showing any singers featured in each song which was a nice touch, and the lights show was another level, lighting up the band and Rage – who absolutely killed it – perfectly. Other highlight’s were extracts from the new album such as ‘Flashing Lights’ and ‘Fire In Your Eyes’. The biggest tracks had to be the two featuring guest appearances from Delilah and the final song, the chart smashing ‘Blind Faith’ with Liam Baily. However the one song that blew the rest out of the water was the 2006 collab with Jenna G, they bought the old school to the new, apparently, ‘commercialised’ crowd, and they loved it!

I’d highly recommend catching Chase & Status on their tour, with not only a fantastically produced live musical performance from the duo, the lights and effects were mind bogglingly good and added up to make an incredible night.

Quick shout out to the PR Manager, Kat… For working her ass off at unprecedented hours in the evening to correct the Guildhall’s cock up.

Peace out,
Pete (With badly ringing ears)