Chuck Revere – Wasted

Chuck Revere, a rapper who’s just finished his stint at Quinnipac university sent us over his great track ‘Wasted’. An unashamedly frat tune that’s ‘fit for any college party’. You’d have to living under a rock if you have any interest in hip hop and haven’t noticed the college rap movement that’s slowly nestling its way into the mainstream, this is yet another example of just that.

The interesting thing I think though is that it would be so easy to criticise, the song in question ‘Wasted’ talks primarily about girls, college and drinking, WELL I LIKE ALL THOSE THINGS. Yeah it may not have the in depth or introspective lyricism of other rappers, and it may rely heavily on a good sample, but hell, it’s easy to listen to and I can relate to it far more! The posting of this certainly brought some of our writers to loggerheads for probably this reason, but here it is so…

It’s not trying to be anything, and has gone off at any party i’ve been plucky enough to attempt to put it on at, for me that makes it a winner.

Wasted – Chuck Revere