Hoodie Allen – NY is Killing Me


So casually put out a post a few minutes ago only to then see Hoodie has released another track. Obviously we felt obliged to post (also helped by a charming email from him, how could we resist?!).

The new track that was dropped via Facebook is fairly different to some of his other stuff. Gone is some of the quirkiness, gone is the overwhelming happiness that is so apparent in all of Pep Rally, Makin’ Waves and the new Dreams Up. What is welcomed though is an altogether more serious outing from Hoodie. The eerie Jamie XX remix gives a whole new dimension to Hoodie’s rhymes, there’s a hazy mysterious feel to the song and an impatient beat that drives the fairly introspective lyrics forward.

It’s something totally new from Hoodie, a serious side is shown that we may not have thought was in him… It’s an interesting diversification that i’m afraid I won’t be able to make a trustworthy decision on for a while. Though having said that, it’s made me all the more excited for ‘Leap Year’, his forthcoming mixtape.

It may not be Hoodie’s strongest work so far, but it shows a whole different side to him that we’ve yet to hear and explore, no bad thing.

Oh, and he also mentioned that there may be some more music coming out this month. Very excited here at HMCMB.

Download ‘NY Is Killing Me’ from the link below


Or alternatively have a listen here: