e-dubble ‘Be A King’

I’m not sure the man can stop making music.  e-dubble, a firm favourite of ours here at HMCMB, having just finished his Freestyle Friday series (53 songs, 53 weeks), then moving on to mixing and mastering some of those tracks for his ‘Written Thursday’ mixtape (Download HERE), is now out again making tracks!

Taking a sample from the new PJ Harvey album ‘Let England Shake’, you knew the song was gonna be strong. As always, e-dubble adds his cheerful spin to things, especially with his great outro’s, some other artists should try it!

The song itself kind of shows just what e-dubble is good at, rapping to the beat and forming great choruses in seemingly a few days. In the industry nowadays that’s something that could get you far!

So that’s ‘Be A King’ by e-dubble, have a listen to it below and download it if you’re feeling it!

Be A King – e-dubble

Check out his Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Reverbnation for more!

Oh, and here’s the latest sensation to storm the net, Rebecca Black. Listen to both then decide which one really deserves to make it big. With her voice autotuned to within an inch of its life, and lyrics such as ‘yesterday it was Thursday, today it is Friday’. I’m afraid for me e-dubble should get it every time.