The Big 100

So, we’ve now arrived at our 100th post!

That seems like a fair achievement. We won’t dawdle with an excess of retrospect and introspect, that’s best saved for, well, never..

With a hundred posts under our belts, quite a lot has changed. We’d love to think there’s been an improvement since our very first post, full of grammar horrors, overused phrases and poor formatting, the banes of any beginner blogger! Hopefully though with a bit of practice and experience, things have and will continue to move on. A brief summary of events and milestones for us to date would include radio interviews, listings on Hypem, radio features, having photos used by Pitchfork and NME as well as being mentions in a couple of national newspapers. Oh, and we’ve seen our readership grow.. Thank you you lovely people!

It seems a better idea however to look forward! For the future you can expect the regular sets of ‘introducing’ articles, as well as more interviews, an area we have shamefully neglected of late, as well as a hopefully regular podcast/radio slot on Recharged Radio, and hopefully in time for summer, some acoustic sessions caught on film. It’s all rather exciting here at the moment!

If you like, you can hear the chat we had on Recharged Radio HERE (it’s also available as a podcast), it’s the show on March 18th called ‘The Forum’. We’re on from about 1:40 to 1:50, listen to the whole show though, we may be biased but it’s great!

No post would be complete without some more great music however, and there’s nothing more appropriate than a new submission (looking forward ya’ see) from Hella Better Dancer. The song, ‘Hundred Balloons’ – no prizes for why it’s featured in this post then – is a great slow paced indie gem. Held together by slick guitar and some rather ominous vocals, it’s definitely a grower! If you like it make sure you check out Hella Better Dancer on their Facebook, SoundCloud and Myspace.

Hundred Balloons – Hella Better Dancer

This blog has allowed us to diversify into other fields, opening up doors and keeping things fresh and exciting. We only hope that you’ll enjoy the new directions we try to head in, and continue reading!

We wouldn’t have managed to keep going for 100 posts without the reader support we receive, so keep it up!

Big things to come, big things…

Tom, Pete & Will