Two Door Cinema Club – Daytrotter Session

Sometimes the wealth of submissions we get, and the talent and diversity so many of them show, it’s easy to revel in their relative obscurity, detached from the more successful bands or artists out there that we initially fell in love with. Also, our cynicism and hopefully not excessively overbearing critical view we have of the production values now thought vital for success may be a somewhat grouchy theme we can’t help but moan about. It is though for this reason that HMCMB continue to sing the praises of Daytrotter. It’s pretty clear (in a lot of cases) why artists at the more alternative  end of the spectrum do get successful. They are talented. Not to say others aren’t, but clearly they are! It’s when left in a room with just their instruments and one day to record some stripped back, raw tracks, that this talent becomes quite so prominent. Maybe it’s because they’re set on a level playing field with artists akin to them, who knows, all that matters is that most of the time it sounds brilliant.

Two Door Cinema Clubs album was without doubt one of my favourite of last year, I have no problem with the production on the album, and thought that all of their qualities and idiosyncrasies were showcased in a way that made them all the more appealing, their Daytrotter session proves this to be true, it really is incredible.

From the melodic oh-ing of I Can Talk, to the beautifully vocalised lyrics of Something Good Can Work, the stripped back session highlights all that’s so innately catchy about their sound, as well as how talented they really are.

I’m glad that in this case, the session compliments the album, minor differences and a different style give the songs a great edge that was always to be missed on an album, whilst making you realise quite how brilliant the album really is to have captured as much of their real sound as it has. A testament also to the bands determination to maintain their real sound as well!

If these sessions were submitted without prior knowledge of Two Door Cinema Club or Daytrotter, there would be no way that I wouldn’t have fallen in love with it. The same can’t be said of all of the music industry, but it’d be foolish to take an anti-conformist standpoint for all successful current alternative bands, sessions like these, that put artists on similar platforms, cement that.

Make sure you download their session from Daytrotter below, and give it a good search for anything else that takes your fancy, the 128kbps versions are all freely downloadable.

If you aren’t convinced though, take a listen to one of TWCC’s songs included in the session.

Undercover Martyn (Daytrotter) – Two Door Cinema Club