Jukebox Collective – Lost & Found

We at HMCMB have had some feedback of late regarding post lengths. Admittely it’s something that’s never far from our thoughts, too short, too long, the battle of quality vs quantity. We feel that we want to give bands and their music the lip service they deserve, yet equally we want to share with you, our readers, as much of the excellent music we receive as is possible. So in summary it is a bit of a conundrum and one which we realistically are nowhere near solving. To conclude then, post length will probably continue to be as random as always, dependant on factors ranging from the weather to the number of tracks and our desire to share irreverent anecdotes…

Having elongated today’s post enough, on to the task in hand! The track, “Lost & Found”, is an infectious and bouyant gem that comes to you courtesy of the Jukbox Collective, a Hackney four piece who, after having established themselves as a force to be reckoned with at live shows, have recently recorded their first full length album.

“Lost & Found” is to be released on April 25th as the first single off the album which, if the quality of this single is anything to go by, should be an exciting prospect! The song opens up with tones sparking memories of a certain moustached italian plumber’s theme tune, thankfully the overlayed drums and effective loop couple to make for a rather more pleasing listening experience! The vocals bounce atop the percussion centred instrumental (the Mario metaphor perhaps being extended a little far here…). In doing so they lift you in jovial fashion to the greater heights of the energetic chorus. The vocal tone is strangely soothing yet paradoxically ardent, a cross between Jamie T and The Streets with a few extra coats of affable varnish applied. The final chorus succeeds in being even more uplifting than those before it and in doing so caps off a track that I challenge you not to be addicted to within a week!

Check it out below and look out for the official release – one we will no doubt keep you posted on!

Jukebox Collective – Lost & Found

If you want to find out more about Jukebox Collective, then check out their Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages.