Benjamin Francis Leftwich – New album, single and download!

Benjamin Francis Leftwich has been on the up for a while now, and whilst we haven’t given him much time here, we’ve definitely been aware of his presence, and have been steadily collecting all his releases. It’s just we’ve never been on the releases as soon as they come out, usually a few days or a week later, meaning by blogging terms, it’s old news.

We are however making a conscious effort from now to keep you updated with Benjamin’s releases and plans, purely because he is  such an interesting and talented up and comer. With two brilliant, soothing EPs under his belt (check out both ‘Pictures’ and ‘A Million Miles Out’ on iTunes..) Benjamin is stepping up and releasing his debut album by the name of ‘Last Smoke Before The Snow Storm’ as well as of course an assortment of preluding singles, starting with ‘Box Of Stones’.

To generate a bit more buzz though for his albums, he’s releasing a free download of his cover of the Bruce Springsteen classic ‘Atlantic City’, we’ve attached the SoundCloud link to it here, but if you like what you hear, head over to his site at and in exchange for your email address, download it for free. Take note though, feel free to sign up to his mailing list too, but to get the single, the box to put your email is the widget on the right under the ‘sign up’ box.

The track is a fairly standard affair for Benjamin, from just a few listens to any of his tracks it’s clear his sound is very unique. He  has a way of masterfully performing songs in a way that fits his mysterious soothing vocals and  a beautiful simplicity that draws you in. My only concern, is that whilst both EPs and his other releases are full of emotional intensity, whilst reserved and elegant, he may have to show another angle to his sound in order to make the great album he’s capable of producing. Fingers Crossed.

Here’s another one of his free downloads, a cover of The Killers ‘When You Were Young’

When You Were Young – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

So if you want to find out more, or investigate further, check him out on Twitter, MySpace, FacebookYoutube or his very own site