Bravestation – White Wolves Video

Bravestation are a BIG favourite for us, so when they alluded to a new video for their brilliant White Wolves, I got quite excited. The song White Wolves was, I suppose, the single from their massively underrated ‘2010 EP’, my personal favourite EP of last year. so much so in fact that ‘Their Calling’ was selected as our ‘Song of 2010’ in an otherwise unranked playlist we released (HERE).

White Wolves is always a slightly eery  track, a kind of restrained panic seems to fill the vocals, chilling them. The video though is fairly ambiguous but still maintains the sense of restrained panic in the song. It all revolves around a pretty lady  running away from something, a something that we never see, perhaps she’s running away from White Wolves, would seem a reasonable guess, though to take the video that literally would possibly be a bit silly, it’s clear from the cinematography as much as anything else that this is an art piece, so to look no further into her motives than being chased by arctic canines would probably be an opportunity for introspection missed…

The main thing though, the video is beautiful, like really beautiful, be sure to watch in 1080p for best results but everything from the locations, to the colours, mood and angles are really incredible. Possibly an odd thing to do, but i’m pretty sure the scene starting at 1:54 is one of the prettiest shots i’ve seen on a video ever. The video in its entirety is great to watch so make sure you do, whoever shot this is clearly very very talented!

That’s enough praise for it though, quite frankly it would be better if you were watching the video right now opposed to reading this paragraph, so please scroll down and hit play.

If you are only being introduced to Bravestation now, check out their BandCamp to download their ‘2010 EP’, as well as their Facebook and Twitter for more info, specifically if you are interested in seeing them live when they come for their UK tour this summer. Exciting stuff.

If somehow you still aren’t convinced, here’s the track from the video.

White Wolves – Bravestation