Walk The Moon

Walk The Moon produce great pop songs, bubbling below the surface is a whole host of other aspects, but essentially, that’s what they do. They released an album ‘I Want, I Want!’ in November last year bursting at the seams with them, but with great reluctance to admit it, they only appeared on our radar a few weeks ago.

The four guys originating from Cincinnati have put ‘fun’ at the top of their musical checklist, everything they do has the sun kissed touch of joy that eludes a lot of music that would be pigeonholed in similar categories. Even the guitar heavy choruses of Lisa Baby, resigned and broken, still maintain the  fun. Making the hearfelt moments that much more poignant, when juxtaposed with the innate joy you know Walk The Moon put into everything.

The song that hooked us though was their brilliant Anna Sun, with everything laid out to bare. Voices on the edge of control, an infeasibly  infectious beat that’ll unfortunately be stuck on repeat in your head for days to come, all thrown into a big swirling mixture alongside group harmonies, crescendoes and roaring choruses, it’s not one to be forgotten.

Walk The Moon class themselves as ‘visual’ as their genre on various social networking sites, an interesting one perhaps. The  eclectic variety of their music though throws rainbows through your head, the emotions they invoke all associated with the bursts of energy and colour they obviously hold dear. A kaleidoscopic audio experience… maybe it’s just me, who knows.

Onto the video then, it was simply too good to ignore, with absolutely no idea what is going on, a clash of contexts, backgrounds, actors and feel combines to create something that makes no sense whatsoever, balancing precariously on the edge of mockery and pretentiousness. The big question though is whether you enjoyed it or not.  Because if you did, then you’ve just fallen upon just what it is that Walk The Moon are out to do, enjoy themselves, and share that experience with everyone else.

And there’s no real reason for there to be any more to it than that.

Enjoy Anna Sun below, it’s a corker.

Anna Sun – Walk The Moon