Recharged Radio and Model Society

Sort of a catch up and tell ya’ll what we’ve been up to today. Recently we’ve been getting very chummy with the guys from Recharged Radio, a great new London radio show with a really similar ethos to us, give a chance to the guys you might not otherwise hear. Or in their words, ‘music is to be driven, not controlled’. We went up and met some of the guys for their ‘Forum’ show, essentially it’s their show on a Friday in which they interview a whole host of guests for a variety of reasons, we were asked to come up and be interviewed too!

After that rather surreal, but very entertaining evening, from which you can download the podcast from iTunes by clicking on the following brackets (The Friday Forum(=), we went on on the 18/03/11 at around 1:40 in, in case you were wondering.

Well we had such a good time, and Recharged were happy enough to, give us our own fortnightly section! Aptly named Hey Man, Check My Band’s Fortnightly Fix, we just throw out our 4 recommendations from the last 2 weeks. Our first episode which aired recently included Bastille, Dirty Hands, Bravestation and e-dubble. Hopefully these are set to continue, and we are mid trying to find a way of making them easily accessible for you guys. they are however on the ‘listen again’ player on the Recharged Radio site (here), or, just this once, you can listen to it below.

Hey Man, Check My Band’s Fornightly Fix Episode 1

So that I suppose is one thing we’ve been branching out towards, and something quite frankly we hadn’t anticipated ourselves doing, making it all the satisfying/entertaining!

Another new venture for us, but one that hasn’t quite got off the ground yet, will be the HMCMB Sessions we are hoping to set up this summer. A selection of your and our favourite bands, playing their new tracks in beautiful, or at least interesting, locales. More to hear about this soon though, but we are very, very excited.

Oh, we also have a mixtape waiting in the wings for release too, just to get you through those summer exams, more info for that soon too.

So for those of you requiring a music fix, the band that shared the Forum Show exactly a month ago with us were Model Society. Again, they were friendly enough to give us a copy of their new single .Follow Your Dreams’. You can find our more about the guys on the Podcast, and I urge you to do so, but Follow Your Dreams is some straight up guitar based British post-punk. From the highs to the lows to the crazy ghostly synth reminiscent of The Specials’. Oh Britannia…

Check it out below, see if you agree.

Follow Your Dreams – Model Society