London Elektricity – Yikes!

He’s back, the godfather of liquid Drum & Bass. The first release in three years from him ‘Yikes!’ is out, and you can buy it here!

A stunning display of vocal packed, piano graced, feel good anthems, this album is some of his best work. Elsa Esmeralda features on seven tracks, giving them a more accessible edge to the mainstream audience. The first single ‘Elektricity Will Keep Me Warm’ has to be the stand out track from the album, but thats not to say that the rest are nowhere near as good as it, other favorites include the minimalist ‘Fault Lines’ and the bass-filled ‘Had A Little Fight’.

Overall, I think what gives this album such brilliant presence is the attention to detail in every track, and the musicality of them. It’s an escape from the brostep filled youtube onslaught that seems to have todays youth fascinated. This is what rave music should be, something that you can listen to, and enjoy! This is a must buy, a real flagship production for Hospital Records, really sums up what they are about.

Peace out,