Polaris At Noon – En Pointe

A little slow on the uptake with this one, “En Pointe” Polaris At Noon’s new EP was released way back, in blog terms (supposedly) at least, on April 10th.  I’d like to say the delay has given me time to digest and consider the release for a little while, which it has, but equally it may have something to do with the Easter break being a little too enjoyable… Besides which at HMCMB we aren’t always about being the very first to get on something, although that is cool from time to time, but more about taking a little time to give a more thoughtful appraisal of said “thing”.

Polaris At Noon is the brainchild of Jason Suwito, who’s described in the press release as a “prolific mastermind”. Whilst it is tempting to dismiss that as standard exaggerated hyperbole, upon listening to the project you realise that to do so would be presumptious.  Jason wrote, recorded and mixed each and every one of the five tracks on the EP, producing a seamless but equally confusing blend of electro pop/rock with strong dance, and at times, dub elements, coupled with indie-esque vocalsa throughly heady mix.  On first listen this can hit you as a wall of sound, difficult to digest perhaps, yet it sweeps you away to a truly atmospheric locale with an ambience falling ambivalently between dance and introspection.  Maybe mastermind is a stretch too far, but exceptional talent would certainly be deserved.

The lead single from the EP, “Rain” is perhaps the track with the heaviest dance influence and electronic tendancies. The instrumental itself is however very much focused on rock guitar, at least to begin with. Jason’s subdued vocals trick you into thinking that this is almost a pop piece, an illusion henceforth shattered by a dub breakdown, reminiscent of Skrillex and Co, that bursts out of nowhere. Upon a second or perhaps third listen though you can hear that electro wobble bubbling underneath the surface, which gives a real indication of just how tight the production is across this project. “On” has dance influences evident from the off, with an opening beat unquestionably derived from house yet cleverly layered with melodic piano and vocals that call you from a distance summoning you to yet another captivating chorus. “Red” sees a darker, melancholic aura juxtaposed with another elavating chorus and the same subtle electronic beat beneath the vocals which dip andsoar more than the FTSE. That same vocal cadence is on display in “Far Away” which culminates in being the rockiest of them all, with the centre dominated by an electric guitar solo overlayed wonderfully, yet again, with Jason’s haunting, mesmerising vocals. “MIA Satellite” is the most understated and accesible of the EP. With muted, trance like tones and a steady rising beat offering up a truly hypnotic listening experience. This coupled with the tween chorus breakdowns,  lowered vocals twinned with a harmonious string focused instrumental which give rise to another infectious, well balanced chorus. This subtle understated piece is my pick of the EP, you can check it out below, and if you enjoy it please headover to iTunes and buy “En Pointe” for the genuinely great price of £1.29/$2.99 depending on which side of the ocean you fall.

MIA Satellite – Polaris At Noon

No really, support this guy, this EP is a fantastic acheivement for a one man band so make sure he can keep doing it! Here’s the website: http://polarisatnoon.com/. Where you can also buy the EP…