Childish Gambino – Break (AOTL)

‘Whiskey-sippin’, wanna drink the whole bottle, but these smart middle-class black kids need a role model’

This lyric has stuck me with me for a while now. It’s from “Not Going Back”,  a Childish Gambino/Donald Glover, track from the EP he released just after he dropped his brilliant Freaks & Geeks (check HERE for our initial thoughts of CG).  It’s an admittance of his privileged upbringing, the dude’s aware that it’s harder to associate yourself with parts of hip hop culture if it’s just not you or what you’re about. From an entrepreneurial side he sure is a role model too. With an Emmy and career as an actor and comedian he’s got the credentials,  and now he’s starting to blow up as a rapper, but for an artist so reliant on his intelligence and success in his music, he sure has a dirty mouth! We’re cool with that though, it’ll take more than a few naughty words to stop us listening if he can keep coming up with tracks like this!

His new (last month… whoops) track ‘Break’ samples a remix of Kanye Wests majestic All Of The Lights, it’s an awesome sample that gives the song that much more substance. Gambino goes for controversy from the off, ‘But is it too soon for japanese girls? Too Tsunami?’, well maybe it’s too soon for cracking one liners if you live anywhere near Fukushima, but again, we’ll allow it. People are chatting about it too, so essentially, it’s just a lyrical publicity stunt, no need for anyone to go too mad about it. CG has a great way of sounding like he’s running out of time, his frantic flow and style is pretty raw, no T-Pain here, and gets on some peoples nerves, there’s no denying though that it gives it that authentic edge and far more weight to his raps, he’s not all image, this is just how he is… Even if the real Donald Glover is slightly less chauvinistic, we hope anyway.

His lyricism is as sharp as ever too, commenting on the sample ‘Yeah, it’s cheesy, ho. I’m so cheesy, my swag’s got high cholesterol’, or about his meteoric rise ‘What the fuck has changed? It it swag? Is it money? I still dress the fuckin’ same and my nose is still as ugly’. The self deprecation a welcome change from the usual ego-boosting turns of phrase we’re used to hearing CG spit. No fear though, it’s still there, shown with a shout out to none other than us online folk with ‘it’s crazy how these labels and these blogs are on my dick’. You’re welcome Donald, you’re welcome.

Be sure to check “Break” out below, and maybe also download his EP and new mixtape on the links.

Break (AOTL) – Childish Gambino   –  The EP   –  ‘I Do Not Talk’ mixtape