Rizzle Kicks – Prophet

Rizzle Kicks are an MC hip-hop, or they prefer, indie-hop duo from Brighton. They were lucky/talented enough to go to Brit school where they nurtured their various talents and have since arrived where they are now. Which is basically on the cusp of being real big.

Minor Breaches Of Discipline, their first mixtape, featured a variety of great indie samples from the likes of The Strokes, Larrikin Love and the Arctic Monkeys, the chilled, up beat and charming rap/sing song of  Rizzle Kicks transforming the originally great tracks into something more, converting them into a form more than welcome at barbecues and house parties nation wide.

Building on that success they’ve also been releasing a stream of brilliant videos, from Miss Cigarette through Down With The Trumpets – which may well be featured on our soon to be released mixtape – their Price Tag remix and finally their most recent offering Prophet (above), they have successfully utilised great music videos and Youtube to build their name and reputation in the same way Mac Miller also capitalised on the propensity of YouTube videos to go viral.

It became clear though after they officially released their Jessie J remix of Price Tag that there was some label backing, and sure enough, they’ve been signed up by Island Records. This is of course massive news for Rizzle Kicks, as one of the largest labels in the UK they may well be destined for big big things, as well as whacking great record deals..

Usually signing to a major would be a reason for me to become sceptical of where there music will go. Obviously I was hooked by their original cheeky sampling, but in order to be successful that isn’t sustainable, from the sound of Prophet though, the reinvigorated role of Harley to provide the hook and help Rizzle with the verses has given them a great sound that’s entirely their own, and more than sustainable. Of course, as long as they continue to create great music and still manage to breach the public consciousness, they’ll be a welcome and massively refreshing change to what pervades it currently. Maybe i’m biased as a Brightoner and longtime fan (since Underage 09) but they are without doubt a name for the future. They just recently got some playtime on Radio 1 and are performing at Radio 1’s Big Weekend too, so you probably won’t have to wait too long to hear more about them.

As a big fan of music videos, a word on Prophet. It’s INCREDIBLE. 960 photos merged together brilliantly, making use of great light tricks and blending shots to create a really incredible video. Check it out above and if you are loving the song, download it below.

Prophet – Rizzle Kicks

Oh, and also make you keep up to date with them via Facebook, Twitter and their Youtube account.

Good luck to them.