Manchester’s B I G S L E E P are somewhat of an unknown quantity. They only came to our attention via a Youtube link that the Little Comets dropped on their Facebook page a few days ago. The video looked pretty cool so I watched it and was instantly hooked. It turns out the video I watched was B I G S L E E P’s latest track, titled bluntly, ‘SEX’. After a quick scout around their account, it seems their first song they dropped, named ‘Ghosts’, managed to rack up an incredible 80,000 views without the band having so much as a single to their name. Highlighting both the quality of the stylish B&W video, and the track itself.

Upon further searching it was obvious that it’s practically impossible to find out anything about this band at the moment, apart from that they used to be called ‘Drive Like I Do’ and supported the Little Comets on their most recent tour. In a time when you can find out the primary schools, middle names or first crushes of just about any band the lack of information was actually pretty refreshing. And more importantly, shows they are willing to let their music speak (or sing) for itself.

If you weren’t within arms reach of a computer when describing ‘your new favourite band’ comes into conversation, you’d file B I G S L E E P next to The Answering Machine under ‘indie that isn’t just skin deep’. Picture them as a Little Comets, except without quite the vocal range of Robert Coles, bolstered by the guitar thrashing ambience of the Kings Of Leon before they got pumped full of mass appeal grade mediocrity. Unfortunately though, the reason an iPod could not save the day as you wade through the vocal quagmire of your descriptive metaphor, desperately attempting to share your passion for a band that the person you’re speaking to hasn’t had the delight of hearing yet, is that neither of the tracks are available for download currently.  This means then, (and I have this on good authority) that there is an EP on its way soon. An EP then with effectively two A-sides at least. How exciting.

A word on the tracks. SEX has a darker, more atmospheric and impassioned tone, relying heavily on driving guitar chords and prominent percussion. Ghosts on the other hand has a jovial fondness associated with the new pop tropicality that so many new young bands are harnessing right now. The two tracks together show quite the diversity of lead singer Matthew Healy’s vocals, hurling himself through the grand chorus’ of SEX, but also maintaining a cheerful exuberance that fills ‘Ghosts’ with his frenetic whooping and hollering.

B I G S L E E P are exactly the type of band that could be pinned up as the nations next new indie darlings, these two tracks alone show they are adaptable and receptive enough to appeal to a wider audience. It’s also annoyingly clear just from the videos that they are the kind of lads that you could try to emulate for months, buying as many pointy shoes, stripy tops and skinny jeans as money could afford, and still be two steps behind.

They’re definitely one to watch.

Check out their Ghosts and SEX below:

B I G S L E E P  –  SEX

B I G S L E E P  –  Ghosts