Reptar – Stuck In My Id

Photo Credit: Max Schwartz

As a psychology student, any freudian reference is bound to go down well with  me. The connotations of a specialised vocabulary are always bound to get you pinned as ‘intelligent’ or ‘arty’, especially when said vocabulary  delves into the hidden worlds of the subconscious. That’s irrelevant though, what is important is that Reptar have succeeded in forming a track so catchy it really will take the combined might of your egos, super and all, to stop it echoing in the cavernous recesses at the back of your mind.

Reptar are from Athens…. Georgia. Sadly, this is not a synthy/voxy gem about to catapult Greece out of their economic meltdown through single sales and needle time, it’s another US synth pop crew. Don’t be disheartened though, their slightly misleading origins have not stopped them from crafting the brilliant ‘Stuck In My Id’.

Truly a sum of its parts, from the charming guitar riffs to the obscure synthy pops and bangs you just know it took ages to come up with. The cleverly vox fed vocals manage to still remain clean, whilst retaining that sun kissed lo-fi feel that calms, binds and themes the entire track. Even cleverer still however, is Reptars ability to blend the various aspects of the song so seamlessly, allowing it to work  together, as opposed to juxtaposing awkwardly, to create something which really does leave its imprint upon you. Something Freud would surely be proud of…

They’ve just returned to Athens for their EP release party, having previously been performing at Austin’s famous SXSW, at which they were applauded for being one of the most promising breakthrough acts there, and at a festival like that, that is a BIG deal.

Check ‘Stuck In My Id’ out below, then be sure to click through to their Facebook to keep up to date with their EP they’ve just released ‘Oblange Fiz Y’all’.

Stuck in my Id – Reptar [right-click to download]