Nero – Interview

Well, what do you know. We’ve been lucky enough to grab a word with the dance music extraordinaires ‘Nero’ after the release of their latest single ‘Guilt’ (which you can check out below) and here’s what they had to say…

Hi guys, how are you?

Amazing thank you.

How’s it going at the moment, busy? Got much planned for the summer? Festivals?

Yeah the summer is pretty slammed. Between July August and September we’ve got about 30 shows in USA and Canada, a tour in Australia and we’re doing about 15 festivals across the UK and Europe. Our album is out on the 1st August so we’re basically trying to cover as much ground as possible so as many people as possible can hear it.

You’ve had a varied career, exploring all kinds of underground music, what made you end up where you are today, with Dubstep? (Assuming I can call it that).

Producing wise we went from Drum and Bass into dubstep but I think our album will show that we incorporate trance, house, electro, techno, all kinds of genres that we like really into a soundclash. We just like to keep things fresh.

Well, that kinda leads me to my next question, what genre would you place your music in?

Ha, Dance / Electronic? It seems vague enough.

Do the singles released so far (‘Guilt and ‘Me & You’) represent the rest of the album? Can we expect to see a wide variety of underground music on there? Any collabs as well, or more to the point, anything you are allowed to tell us at the moment?

You will find a cross section of Guilt and Me & You. There is some slower stuff on there, and Innocence with it’s trance stabs will be on the album. Collaboration wise we’ve kept it pretty close to home. Alana who sings on both Guilt and Me and You, sings on about half the album and she really gives it a defining sound we feel.

Have you been producing other stuff apart from the album, any remixes in the pipeline?

To be honest we’re so busy working on the album we’ve put a hold on remixes and productions for the time being. We want the album to be perfect… To be special.

How do you feel about such a genre as Dubstep, and in general, more underground forms of dance music being so widely accepted by the general public, and receiving so much more recognition, I mean, you guys are on the Radio 1 daytime playlist now, along with Artists like Magnetic Man and Caspa.

It’s a natural progression of genres you know. Mainstream means that more people like it. We don’t feel we’ve compromised our sound in any way. The radio are playing more of our music now and more people have access to it so that’s a good thing.

What sort of production software do you use for your tracks?

We use Cubase and lot’s of different plugins.

You’ve recently signed to Chase & Status’ MTA label, how exactly did that come about and what made you choose them as the ones to sign with?

We’d known Chase and Status for a while from the Drum and Bass scene, we like the way they had taken themselves from the underground drum and bass scene and had reached a wider fanbase. They approached us at the same time a few other labels were talking to us about album deals. It felt right doing it with them as they’ve been through it all before as artists and they understood where we were coming from.

And finally, who would you cite as having influenced your sound the most?

Daft Punk

Cheers for chatting to us, it’s been great hearing from you and we wish you all the best in the future, good luck for the rest of 2011 and with the new album!

No worries, Speak soon!

Now as a parting gift I felt it appropriate to list a few of my favourite Nero tracks to date, along with their streams of course, below:

First up “Innocence”, a massively heavy track, that I’ve been in love with since I heard it in the latter part of last year. Please, turn it up!

Nero – Innocence

This “Recluse” remix is one of my songs of 2010. These guys are genius’.

Plan B – The Recluse (Nero Remix)