Victory Garden – Snake Charmer

Sometime throwbacks can be incredibly refreshing. When you hear a track that reminds you of reams of music and the wealth of genres and niches you used to cherish it can be a pretty great thing. The funny thing about memory is also that what one song can dredge up from your musical past, can have an entirely different effect on someone else. They might hate it, or it could remind them of artists that differ wildly from yours!

With that then, I bring your attention to Victory Garden, specifically their track ‘Snake Charmer’. For me, it led instantly to a hankering to listen to copious amounts of Feeder and Smashing Pumpkins, not sure why, some tiny cognitive transaction between the short term and long term parts of my brain just made it so. In a bid not to get too wrapped up in nostalgia then, a word then on the track. It relies on the rise and falls, peak and troughs. The angered breathy vocals, quirky riffs and bass lines as well as the particularly tribal drum patterns culminate in a well produced anthemic track. One though that is not all to dissimilar to its influences (whether my comparisons are correct or not, I’d love to hear your opinion), that however pays homage to those that precede it, rather than rejuvenating their craft.

Victory Garden are most deserving of your attention, check out the ‘Snake Charmer’ stream/download below and then head over to their Facebook if you’d like to hear some more and start to form your own opinion!

Snake Charmer – Victory Garden [right-click to download]