Nero – All Of The Lights Remix

So in recent weeks we have had both an interview with the Drum and Bass/DubStep producers Nero (HERE), as well as a review of the Childish Gambino’s brilliant ‘Break’, sampling a remix of Kanye’s AOTL (HERE).

Today then we bring you another All Of The Lights freestyle! Though this time it samples the original, not a remix, and get this, it’s written and rapped by none other than Nero! No, not the producers, that would be surprising, instead it’s by ‘Nero’, the rapper. We first heard his remix via the brilliant Pigeons & Planes that snapped it up when it was dwindling with only 200 views, its risen to around 1,300 now, but hardly the heady heights it deserves.

The freestyle is great, we don’t really do negative here at HMCMB (We love music, so why bitch about it if it’s not to your taste?!) but it’s probably got to be said that the freestyle isn’t maintained throughout to the same quality, ferocity and velocity it starts with. Descending a tad too quickly into URL plugs and a reliance on the N-Bomb that may leave a white dude feeling somewhat awkward… That’s only minor criticism though, and it is a freestyle, so promotion is part of the game, and for the most part Nero really does go hard, with an intensity that definitely draws you in. He’s also pretty adept at delivering some great lines too, ‘Living like Bradley Cooper in Limitless’, at 1000 FB likes I doubt it (<3 you really) but still, pop culture references are always a winner, especially when they can be translated essentially as ‘I’m the f*@king man’.

The song actually starts with Nero commenting on the ‘hiatus’ that he’s been on, when the song dropped on his Facebook it did so under the statement ‘I’m back.’, an interesting prospect for the future then? If he can keep on his game and build on this, then most definitely.

Check it out below.

All Of The Lights Freestyle – Nero [right-click to download]

And if you like what you hear, check him out on Facebook too..