Baby Baby – Breakin’

Feeling a bit mad today, exams over, summer ahead. There’s a whole heap to come from us, developments galore, so look out for the dedicated post very soon. For now though, it’s all about  Baby Baby.

A difficult one to pitch ‘Breakin’ is the single from Baby Baby’s new album Money. Their concerts are supposedly all about neon short shorts, the slightly confusing notion is actually just describing their penchant for getting nearly naked in shows… Yes. I am serious. Adding to the confusion, their tracks are no less clear cut. The song bares little  real structure, bouncing around waiting for the cherished moments of madness that the foreign (or gibberish, I couldn’t tell) chorus’ bring. If you bear with it though, you’ll find that is their greatest strength. Fontez, the lead’s, mixture of drawling verses, provide a great contrast for the whoops, hollers and driving chants that pervade the frantic chorus’. A singular catchy riff and cracking drum lines maintain a semblance  of order and drives everything forward, keeping things pleasingy impatient. Further adding to the madness and lack of order, the formula is briefly smashed apart and the pieces exchanged for a brief interlude. The interlude, consisting of garbling, consolidates on the disorder so far, before launching whole heartedly into the screaming, drum rolls and crescendoes that lead the track out. All this only leaves you pining for 30 more seconds of Baby Baby’s musically infused madness, so something must have gone right.

The track really does fit their proclaimed ‘fun rock’ feel. From the initial drum claps it’s immediately clear that the process of playing music for Baby Baby is about having fun, hoping that the energy put into their music can somehow be translated. Fortunately it can. It’s addictive pop, whether it’s the madness you can hear or feel, or the tracks themselves, there’s something that keeps drawing you back, wanting to hear more, which can only be a sign of something you’ve enjoyed. Breakin’ is less of a musical piece and more of a direct translation of both their live shows and attitudes, which if this is anything to go by, are well worth finding out more about.

Check out ‘Breakin’ after the drop and also their Facebook and Youtube from which you can buy their album, which I can assure you is equally addictive , or.. You can stream it from their Label’s site.

Breakin’ – Baby Baby [right-click to download]