e-dubble – Be Okay

Haven’t posted some e-dubble for a while, a while back he released his first proper single, one that you actually have to pay for! It’s about time too, for sure we’re big fans of free music, but that man had been too damn kind to us. After dropping 54 FF’s, a mixtape and several other song releases e-dubble deserves some serious $$$, the track ‘Changed My Mind’ was ace too, and if you have enjoyed e-dubble’s music even a fraction of the amount we have, then he totally deserves your 79 pence. I can’t really think of a better artist to support.

Well, it seems that e-dubble can’t stop giving, to coin a phrase from an earlier track of his he’s just a guy ‘who can rhyme and chop ill beats, one day I’ll recover from what ails me, till then I’m on that, fuck what the sales be’. Can’t get more true to his word than this then, his latest addition, and just as freaking incredible as everything else he manages to produce and spit over, ‘Be Okay’.

This time smashing apart a Foster The People sample from their recently released album which, to tell you the truth, as big fans of their other work (see HERE and HERE), as well as including them in our ‘Songs Of 2010‘, we were less than impressed with. It’s okay though, e-dubble is here to rescue it. His emotive grunts, as well as his blindingly insightful lyricism, sense of humour and ability to actually lay down his own hook are what keep him so amazing to listen to, over and over and over again. He even manages to throw in some Beatles impersonations mid-song, man’s a legend. All that’s without even including his general flow, witty remarks and sublime sample choice, every single track he writes is ridiculously catchy, I cannot recall any other artist that i’ve been singing along to all day long so many times. I’ve said it before, and chances are i’ll say it again, it is a travesty this dude isn’t signed.

Again, we wish him all the best, and really really recommend you both buy his brilliant ‘Changed My Mind’ on iTunes, then as a reward have a look below for his latest release

Changed My Mind - Single - e-dubble

Be Okay – e-dubble [right-click to download]