Other Lives – For 12

Other Lives were a band that we’d been keeping tabs on as a listener, opposed to blogger, but had fallen foul of our ‘to post’ list purely because we knew of them before all this blogging nonsense arose last year. That was until we were reprompted by the arrival of their latest single ‘For 12’ through our (actual) mailbox. Part of me wishes that we weren’t so reliant on digital media, promos through the door will always be more exciting than any email can be. But then again we owe our existence and output to the same digital age we’re bemoaning, and we’d much rather exist in our current form!

Reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, but retaining their distinctly American heritage to a greater extent, ‘For 12’ is a superb continuation of form from Other Lives. The Wild West guitar twangs remain indicative of their roots (or maybe that’s just the stereotypical analysis of a Brit), as well as acting out as a curious narrative device amongst the ominous soundscape that Other Lives conjur. The atmospheric lyrics and true to form beautiful poetic vocals cast an immersive tale that triggers contemplation in a way only invoked emotion can.

Other Lives are easily found alongside the very best at their musical craft. The constant reminders of their quality evident throughout, from the brilliant production values and clarity, through to the emotive peaks and troughs of Jesse Tabiano’s vocals. The instrumentation lends itself wonderfully to the thoughts and vision Other Lives convey, the organ and violin both wonderful additions  to the directed passions the 5 members strive together to develop.

Keep an eye out for Other Lives, their beautiful musical constructs can provide perfect accompaniment to rainy evening, complex decisions or any other emotionally driven moment you feel like soundtracking. Their gloomy sound could easily hold a cherished place amongst the minds of their musical audiences. Check out their Facebook for more details, as well as the stream for ‘For 12’ below.

For 12  –  Other Lives