Secret Pilot – Punching Underwater

Gems in the (e)mailbox are always very satisfying, and a reason for us to continue to promote and excessively compliment music that you may not have heard before.

This time, Secret Pilot, the Manchester based quartet that play ‘honest and accessible indie rock’. whilst that description, to an extent, seems accurate, there is a lot more to them. Their recently released Punching Underwater EP, which has been released for free on their SoundCloud showcases that just because you stick to a classic formula, does not make your music any weaker, and by way of contrast, gives it a depth that may not be recognisable within the obscurity of bands reliant on quirky instrument choices and studio effects.

The Mancunian acts new EP begins with the eponymous title track, ‘Punching Underwater’. An empassioned declaration of defiance laid amidst the pounding riffs and atmospheric electric guitar that crash against the Mancunian howls sprinkled throughout. The true extent of Secret Pilot’s mastery of addictive basslines then becomes evident, alongside the nonchalant whistling, miltary drum rolls and waves of energy that ‘The Tide’ unleashes. A truly raucous, 4 minute long, hectic sprint from start to finish. The EP comes to a close with the slightly slower and more formulated ‘Climbing The Ladder’. The calmed melodies underpin the full range of front man Alistair Harrison’s voice that lurches from empassioned growls that drip with passion more than lyrics ever could, through to the punk shrieks that fill the verses. ‘Climbing The Ladder’ shows a different dimension to Secret Pilot’s gruff sound that could easily be built upon, but yet still manages to incorporate the frantic energy and brash vocals that fill the tracks that precede it.

Having developed a strong Manchester following, it’s easy to see Secret Pilot able to be successful in the current musical climate. With the reinvigoration of British guitar bands, as well as the constant successes of the gruff alternative rock of the Kings Of Leon the sound of Secret Pilot appears timeless, but fitting. Don’t just take our word for it though, the whole ‘Punching Underwater EP’ is downloadable below.

Punching Underwater – Secret Pilot [right-click to download]

The Tide – Secret Pilot [right-click to download]

Climbing the Ladder – Secret Pilot [right-click to download]