A HMCMB Hip-Hop Update

As our ‘Exams Mixtape’ may have pointed out, we here at HMCMB do follow the hip-hop scene far closer than you may ascertain from our pages. That’s not so much because we want to hide it from everybody, but just that when there are blogs such as Pigeons & Planes, Sunset In The Rearview, Dirty Mexican Lemonade and EarMilk covering everything so swiftly, and so well, and with ‘news’ not really fitting our modus operandi (and let’s be honest, even our name), we thought we’d leave it to them. That doesn’t however mean that every now and then we’ll turn up and point you in the direction of the latest and greatest mixtapes to download.

Starting with Huey Mack, who’s ‘Popular’ was on our mixtape. He just dropped ‘Freshman 15’ that uses a load of beats from producers such as Big Jerm who you may know does a load of work with Mac Miller, as well as Brenton Duvall, a staple on Sunset In The Rearview and who’s work on Semisonic’s Closing Time, along side some great verses from Huey Mack on the aptly named track ‘Closing’ is reason enough to download the mixtape.

Freshman 15 download link: http://www.datpiff.com/Huey-Mack-Freshman-15-mixtape.232837.html

Closing – Huey Mack [right-click to download]

Also, although it was quite a while ago, Mac Miller dropped his ‘Best Day Ever’ mixtape that, for us, didn’t match K.I.D.S, but then his chilled beats and flow on that outing made it one of my favourite mixtapes of all time, with each song racking up over 40 plays in my iTunes. That tape had serious flow. That doesn’t rule out Best Day Ever, with a feature from Wiz Khalifa, after Mac becomign comfortable he’s no longer in his Pittsburgh companion’s shadow, as well as possibly his best track to date, ‘Donald Trump’. Of all the dudes in this list, with maybe Chiddy Bang as an exception, Mac Miller is for sure the closest to become a worldwide sensation. As followers of him for a while, we can only wish the 19 year old all the best!

Best Day Ever download link: http://www.datpiff.com/Mac-Miller-Best-Day-Ever-mixtape.207667.html

Donald Trump – Mac Miller [right-click to download]

Next then is Chiddy Bang. After the massive success of ‘Opposite Of Adults’ and the ‘Swelly Express’ they don’t really need to be introduced. However, you may not know that they are actually major champions of blogging culture, with a shout out to Pretty Much Amazing in the opening lines of their aforementioned ‘Kids’ rehash. They jusr dropped Peanut Butter & Swelly, their latest mixtape in a longgg while. For me, it can’t match ‘The Swelly Express’, but then again that’s just my interpretation. With features from Mac Miller and The Knocks, as well as some ace samples from the likes of Matt & Kim, why not listen and form your own opinion.

Peanut Butter & Swelly download link: http://www.datpiff.com/Chiddy-Bang-Peanut-Butter-Swelly-mixtape.234754.html

Too Much Soul – Chiddy Bang [right-click to download]

Kam Royal, who’s track ‘Can’t Stop Me Now’ was featured on our mixtape (notice a pattern?!), has also just dropped ‘Vindicated’. It takes on a very different sound to his earlier Business As Usual, whilst keeping his charming flow and charisma that made Business As Usual so listenable. This time, relying on some heavier beats, and with the sample taking the sideline in favour of his own sound. An altogether more hip-hop outing that sheds his indie sampling skin.

Vindicated download link: http://www.datpiff.com/KAM-Royal-Vindicated-mixtape.237356.html

Dude – Kam Royal [right-click to download]

The latest mixtape to drop then finally is Chris Webby’s ‘Webster’s Laboratory’. If we’re to be totally honest, we haven’t listened through it enough to give a totally honest opinion, but it seems again to be a different outing to both his ‘White Noise LP’ and ‘Best In The Burbs’ tapes that saw him shoot to fame. From what we’ve heard of his latest though, we like it.

Webster’s Laboratory download link: http://www.datpiff.com/Chris-Webby-Websters-Laboratory-mixtape.233780.html

Killin’ Em – Chris Webby [right-click to download]

So that’s our token attempt at at hip-hop update, only left to say then that we’re still expectant for the new Sam Adams and Hoodie Allen tapes that are meant to drop this summer. We expect to do these updates periodically to keep you guys in the loop, whilst not sacrificing our normal content in favour of the shorter, sharper posts that the wealth of hip-hop encourages. Do expect a full review of Hoodie Allen’s ‘Leap Year’ though which is to drop very very soon if his Facebook is to be trusted (which it is).