Hey Sholay – Single Release & More!

Meet Hey Sholay, a quintet hailing from Sheffield with a penchant for masks (especially big fluffy ones…) Now truth be told as far as any further introduction is concerned I don’t really feel I can outshine the band’s brilliant self description on their facebook page, ranging from the kind of inevitable “It’s raining in Sheffield” to the rather more poetic “spray-spitting black umbrellas convulse in the wind like fevered crows”, it really does deserve to be read in full HERE. The band formed a couple of years ago ” having met in varied musical avenues, a Tuesday night cult ceremony, and all being of like-mindedness – they formed to write new folklaws” (more shameless plagiarism).  The music they make is as catchy and effective as it is difficult to label, they’ve had various tags attached ranging from psychedelia, which is understandable, particularly when the non-sensical song titles, “In Bed With Old Nick (Kids On Funny Stuff In Bear Suits)” being our favourite, are coupled with the whole mask affair. To folk which is rather more questionable. Personally I’m going to leave it to you to decipher the layers of guitar riffs, synths, vocal harmonies and whatever else is going on and decide where you want to file them, what’s a genre after all? I’ll just say that whatever it is, it sure is high energy stuff.

Hey Sholay first came to our attention with the aforementioned “In Bed With Old Nick”. It opens with a mating of drumbeats and handclaps soon joined by strings before the calling vocals emerge from the amicable haze. The sound continues to build through to the infectious chorus and vocal harmonies accompanying the last magical minute.  “Dreamboat” is the A-side to TODAY’s single release and begins where Old Nick left off. The verse has a far denser and more layered feel to it with more electronic magic being worked. The choruses on this occasion are more stripped back affairs opting to ride principally on the rasping vocals and in doing so showing some refreshing versatility. The B-side to the single release, “The Bears, The Clocks, The Bees” is a rather longer piece and as such a more progressive journey than the radio friendly “Dreamboat”. It is testament to the bands talent that they manage to maintain the same infectious energy throughout the whole 5 minutes. Whilst also keeping you hooked with the ebb and flow of the vocals and stratified instrumental from which you catch yet another different sound upon each listen.

As mentioned above the single release of Dreamboat/The Bears, The Clocks, The Bees is today and if you enjoy “In Bed With Old Nick” below you’d be foolish not to head over to Fandango where you can purchase said single.

In Bed With Old Nick – Hey Sholay [right-click to download]

Oh and these guys also recently won the NME’s Play @ Exit competition, which funnily enough means they’ll be playing the Exit music festival in Serbia this July. So on the off chance that you’re there be sure to go see them live as I imagine it could be a throughly entertaining performance!