Hungry Kids Of Hungary – Wristwatch

Songs that so blatantly rely on the previously released works of others are often difficult to pen down. Whilst, if they are deemed post worthy by the HMCMB gremlins they are probably (we hope) quite good, their success are so clearly dependent on others that their inclusion seems downright unfair.

But then again, we have enjoyed the sub 2 minute pop romp of the Australian Hungry Kids Of Hungary’s (as well as their name), ‘Wristwatch’, so much that it simply had to be spoken about. The issue is, never before has a track so clearly mimicked the tropical african sounds of Vampire Weekend so clearly. It would be quite easy to imagine VW’s Rastam scrawling down this entire track if it were not for their new ‘deeper’ direction.

At under 2 minutes long though, and being thoroughly enjoyable, try not to judge and just enjoy this brilliant track. If it makes it any easier, just pretend it was a Vampire Weekend B-Side. It’s not, but it might help.

Wristwatch – Hungry Kids Of Hungary [right-click to download]