We See Lights

Sometimes it just isn’t the right time for the deep, contemplative nature of many artists, who’s attributes, whilst admirable, can fall a little hollow or seem melodramatic in those situations. Take birthday parties or summers down the park, for the indie inclined, there needs an altogether more lighthearted soundtrack.There is a place in anyones heart for the simple and charming. It’s this that keeps the bareboned superficiality of youngster indie bands worldwide so damn popular. Think feathers in the hair, primary coloured skinny jeans, vans with sparkly laces, and even god forbid, flowers in the back pocket. That description may be disturbingly correct of ‘We See Lights’ if song names are anything to go by, a track by the name of ‘I Hope You Like The Smiths’ dedicated, obviously, to the obvious ‘influence’ of any self respecting scenester. That won’t stop us loving it though.

There’s something to be said for the joyous, but perhaps frivolous, declarations of youthful love abundant in the works of ‘We See Lights’. Their Scottish blend of indie/folk pop a cutesy mixture of Los Campesinos’ twee assortments, but perhaps without the intellectual cynicism, mixed with Two Door Cinema Club’s indie pop paradigm, but exchanging the Irish accent many teenagers hold dear, for equally charming Scottish inflections.

Their naivety is as refreshing as it is laughable, their tales of young love as stereotypical as they are surreal – ‘When I win the lottery i’ll share it all with you’ – Oh will you now? But, one must understand that is not necessarily a negative thing. Why not seek enjoyment, especially if it can be found in the unabashed joy indie pop acts can portray? It may not etch itself deep into your consciousness, but if for those few minutes you listen to it for you feel a sense of happiness, then those minutes were entirely worthwhile. You can begin to see why the escapism of ‘We See Lights’ and dozens of acts just like them have captured quite so many teenage hearts, their stories of melodrama, hazy summers and awkward romance are laid so bare and vulnerable to criticism that they can only really be cherished for what they are. If you can detach yourself from your anti-indie folk pop stigmas, We See Lights are a worthy addition to any summer playlist.

MyOhMyOhMyOhMY – We See Lights [right-click to download]

I Hope You Like The Smiths – We See Lights [right-click to download]