FILMS to ∆


So, long time readers of HMCMB may remember an article we did a while back on the massively promising Leeds act FILMS, and even their inclusion in our ‘Songs Of 2010‘ feature. Their self proclaimed ‘Jump Folk’ music that blends, well, all sorts of things, to create something that is particularly unique. The sound, a mixture of folk, electronic beats and awrapped up by the mumbling drawl of frontman Jack Newman.

We aren’t entirely sure of the ins and outs of it, but FILMS have changed their name, which according to their Facebook, is due to pressures from labels and other music types. Their new name is ∆. Yes an illuminati-esqe triangle, and the symbol for Delta in the Greek alphabet. Triangles were always part of FILMS’ thing, a motif they have carried with them and were splattered over the articles including them, forever hiding their faces. The 3 sided shapes are even spoken about in their track Tesselate, ‘triangles are my favourite shape, 2 points that always meet’. Some sort of geometric metaphor for love? Who knows. The question is though, and we did have to verify, how on earth do you talk to a friend about ∆?! Well this was something we too was curious about, so emailed them about. It would appear that in order to make the ∆ symbol, you must press ‘Alt + J’ on a Mac keyboard, therefore they are to be spoken about as ‘Alt Jay’, making them even more elusive, something they seem to enjoy. Although why they aren’t just called Delta, is anyones guess.

At first this would seem like a marketing blunder, with a name that cannot easily be spread by word of mouth, and a name that can only be uttered properly on Apple products, but actually, it looks like it’s actually quite smart. The symbols can always be copied and pasted, and in an age where more and more bands are finding fame and fortune via the internet, quirky and unique titles such as this will no doubt pull an audience. In addition to this, let’s not forget the – admittedly cynical – approach to band naming, the SEO ranking of ∆ will definitely make them easily findable, in the same way Skepta is meant to mean Sceptre, YouTube and Google rankings will see a much needed boost for any band or artist willing to make this name formatting choice. It just goes to show the power and influence that the internet has over a bands success. Just look to Justin Bieber *cringe*, or the Arctic Monkeys for evidence of that.

Another interesting thing about the name change, is the accompanied release of all of their SoundCloud material as freely downloadable. We had it on good authority from their old, FILMS days PR that they were gearing for a single release of their brilliant Breezeblocks. Now with all their online material available for free download, it would seem they have hit a stumbling block and are releasing the tracks as demos. A stumbling we hope they can get past, because ∆ are far too talented to not reach more ears.

It’s with great pleasure then that we can offer up Breezeblocks and Matilda, a track that was on our Songs of 2010, for download. Head over to their SoundCloud or Facebook in order to grab another two tracks, ‘Tesselate’ and ‘Hand-Made’.

Breezeblocks – ∆ [right-click to download]

Matilda – ∆ [right-click to download]