Continuing our current trend of reviewing bands with odd names, comes B U I L_D I N G S.

If you tuned in on our recent show on Recharged Radio you may have heard about these guys, and our apologies for not blogging it earlier. The 4 guys from North London and their polished Alt-rock has been keeping many a playlist busy for me over the past few weeks.

Quite rightly, they aren’t keen to label their music, but have been seen as similar to the Smiths, as well as Jeff Buckley amongst others, probably showing quite how pointless pigeon holing bands can be. What can be set out from the off though, is that B U I L_D I N G S hover somewhere in the alternative rock spectrum.

The song that particularly grabbed my attention was ‘Beats Small’, starting with a melody akin to Temper Trap’s iconic Sweet Disposition, except moodier, before being swept away in a sea of darkness, ambience and scale. Electric guitar shines through the maelstrom, there’s a pleasing well produced feel to the tracks, yet the vocals are kept raw enough to keep it from straying too far into being ‘accessible’. B U I L_D I N G S don’t shy away from their melodic side for too long either, It Starts Tonight held together by simple guitar melodies and accurate drum lines. There’s something more to B U I L_D I N G S sound, and that what sets them apart, juxtaposing the crowd pleasing alt rock that they so enjoy with a supplement of the melodic, capturing the hearts of the avid and easy listeners alike.

They also maintain a massively refreshing outlook on the availability of their music. Most must know by now that the music industry is set to change at some point, and building a name for yourself dwarfs the importance of making a few quid on CD sales. These guys actively promote the sharing of their music, and then if you do fall for their sound, be sure to help them out by purchasing their soon to be released EP.

B U I L_D I N G S – Beats Small [right-click to download]

B U I L_D I N G S – It Starts Tonight [right-click to download]

If you want to find out more, check them out on their Facebook or Soundcloud.


EP out soon