Logic – Mind Of Logic

Came across this infectious gem in the mailbox this morning. “Mind Of Logic” comes courtesy, unsurprisingly perhaps, of Logic. Logic is Visionary Music Group’s newest artist and as such we’ve a bit of a London bus situation with Visionary, what with us having taken so long to feature Tayyib Ali before featuring Logic soon after (for you non-brits the saying goes you wait a long time for one London bus then two come at once!)

“Mind Of Logic” has a fantastically simple yet effective soundbed, a straightforward melody thickened with trancelike groans, overlayed by a classic two tap high hat drumbeat that leaves you enraptured before Logic even begins his first verse. His flow is solid, the lyrics confident if perhaps a little clichéd. Then again clichés are clichés as they are so often so accurate, “Why does everyone feel the need to judge one another when we’re all the same?” so that’s not to detract from a solid performance across the verses. The hook is superb, borrowed from Cudi’s “Mr Rager” and sung with much greater urgency and tempo by Camille Michelle Gray, making it the immeadiate stand out feature of the track, if only for its instant infectiousness.

The track was accompanied by a video which can be seen above. The video is shot be GRVTY, and with our latest ventures into the world of Acoustic Sessions, I’ve now a far greater understanding of and respect for videography, which on this occasion is brilliant. The colours are vibrant and the effects help to accentuate and compliment the natural aesthetics in an organic manner. The cogency between Logic’s urban backdrop and Camille’s country locale is perhaps questionable, albeit not as questionable as the happenings in the last 30 seconds! Overall though the video and track combine to complete a very solid debut single for Logic’s upcoming mixtape “Young Sinatra” (told you he was pretty sure of himself!). “Young Sinatra” is due late August and it will be interesting to see if Logic can hold down tracks on which the production and beat aren’t as spectacular as on “Mind Of Logic”, here’s hoping he can, or even that every track has an instrumental and hook as good as this. In either case music will be the winner, which is always good news, couldn’t resist finishing with another cliché!

Logic – Mind Of Logic (ft Camille Michelle Gray) [right-click to download]