Yes, as you might have guessed from the capitals in the title, we are very excited about Hoodie Allen’s third mixtape “Leap Year”. So much so that we are going to give you the download link right HERE so you can grab it immediately!

As you may well know, if you’re a regular reader, we here at HMCMB are serious Hoodie fans, it was in fact Hoodie who first suggested the acronymed (if that’s a word?!) alternative to the somewhat lengthier Hey Man, Check My Band. I personally have been a fan since first hearing his superb “You Are Not A Robot” around about this time last year. Since then we’ve conducted an Interview and featured him on our Exam Mixtape as well as keeping you up to date with his single releases.

His most recent release was “The Chase Is On”, the teaser single for “Leap Year”, and after the melancholic experimentalism of “NY Is Killing Me” it is a return to the Hoodie of old. “The Chase Is On”, to shamelessly paraphrase, is something everyone can relate to. That is perhaps the most endearing feature of Hoodie’s music, he just talks of life, there’s nothing spectacularly unusual in there but instead he focus on the drama and joviality of everyday occurrences from girls to parties. You could complain that such subjects were shallow but essentially they’re honest and real and all the better for it. “The Chase Is On” has all the the usual Hoodie (and RJF)  ingredients, a great beat, tight production, an infectious hook, sharp lyricism, “Oh you from Wu-Tang? That’s why your face ghost?” and impassioned delivery. It sure does achieve its goal of leaving you salivating at the prospect of just what the rest of “Leap Year” may sound like, oh and the video is pretty cool too, and well worth a watch below.

Hoodie Allen – The Chase Is On [left-click to download OR SHOW HOODIE SOME OF THE LOVE HE DESERVES AND HEAD OVER TO ITUNES TO BUY]

Back to the point then. “Leap Year” has genuinely been one of the most anticipated releases of the year for us HMCMBer’s and as such we are uncharacteristically opting not to take the time to digest and consider the tape before offering up our views but instead offering you the chance to get hold of it ASAP, as if you’re half as excited as us that’s what you will want! So without further ado here is the link (again): http://cdn.hoodieallen.com/LeapYear.zip

In terms of a preview it will be very interesting to hear Hoodie’s development from Pep Rally through to his sophomore effort. Will there be some new sounds and styles pursued as “NY Is Killing Me” would suggest or will it be more of the same, akin to “The Chase Is On”? Personally I’d like to see a bit of both, it’s always good to see an artist’s sound developing but at the same time Hoodie and RJF have hit on a fantastic formula already…

More detailed thoughts for sure to follow in the near future, in the meantime check out a few Hoodie Goodies below and make sure you’ve grabbed the mixtape in full (3rd time lucky) from: http://cdn.hoodieallen.com/LeapYear.zip

Hoodie Allen – You Are Not A Robot [right-click to download]

Hoodie Allen – NY is Killing Me (Prod. by Jamie XX) [right-click to download]

Make sure you’re back here for the full review once we’ve got our heads round it, 3 songs in so far, sounding great!


So have had a little listen, and if you’re not yet interested, then check out his collab with Tayyib Ali in Can’t Hold Me Down, and his great new track Soul On Fire…

Hoodie Allen – Can’t Hold Me Down (feat. Tayyib Ali) [right-click to download]

Hoodie Allen – Soul On Fire  [right-click to download]