Bastille – Interview

As you may or may not know, we are currently in the midst of recording and filming some acoustic sessions. It’s been a pretty hectic time, and very steep learning curve but we feel like we are finally getting properly to grips with it. One of the most recent sessions we filmed was with the lovely Bastille down at the Underbelly in Hoxton just before the party for their single release of ‘Flaws’ and ‘Icarus’. We were lucky enough to also have a chat with the lead singer Dan about Bastille, their newest release, a double A side, Made In Chelsea, and a whole host of other things. Check it out below:

So it’s your single release today, what’s been the build up to the release? How has it been going?

Yeah its been good, I guess, it’s a song I put online in january to test the water and everything has slowly built from there. It’s been quite an exciting few months seeing it grow, We’ve also got on board with Young & Lost the label which is wicked and they’ve been great in helping push the single. It’s great that its now out, it feels like its been ages.

Where do you feel like the big push come from, what for you has been the moment where you’ve realised this is all going somewhere?

I still don’t know if it is going anywhere, but I hope it is! I guess for me I’ve been making music for a few years and its always been a relatively private thing, working things out in my room and recording and playing the odd gig to people who don’t really care, so I guess for me it was putting stuff online and getting feedback from people

And watching people enjoy it?

Yeah! For our first few couple of gigs we did some small little unannounced shows and promoters had promoted it really hard and promoted Flaws and loads of people were singing along and that was obviously a massive headf**k, so I guess that was it. And it being used in a TV show was a bit weird, and the covers, this girl Kate Mcgill who is a youtube sensation,   has a brilliant voice, she did a cover and she has this huge myspace following and I guess that drew a lot of focus my way, which I guess is quite bizarre, for an unknown band to have a cover help them, but that was awesome. It was also a really surreal moment hearing someone else sing some of the songs that I’d written and recorded in my bedroom.

It’s been a big year for year for you guys, how has it been playing festivals?

Yeah it has, and we’re really lucky. We did Great Escape which isn’t really a proper festival but was really fun. There was a weird point where I was expecting to play to an empty room but it was actually really busy and not everyone could get in. I was speaking to people over the few days and they said ‘we tried to get into your gig’ and I was like ‘what, that was so weird’. And in terms of actual festivals we played in the Strongbow tent for the Isle Of Wight and Glade festival.

You were saying it was a taste of a tour, is there any tours to look forward to?

Well we’re hopefully have a proper tour, or at least what we can piece together in September/October, we’re hopefully gonna put out a new single or EP or something to go with it. We haven’t really gone that far north at all and we’d love to play there and see if we can get to Scotland and play Manchester and Leeds on the way.

You’re kind of worrying us actually cause you’re saying you want go up north but we live in Brighton..

Well we’ll definitely play in Brighton! It’s just getting the right night. You know if the right opportunity for the right club night comes up we’d love to play, like the Communion or Green Door Store. Well we’ve got someone booking stuff anyway so we shall see!

Now your favourite subject, I’m not a particular fan of Made In Chelsea, but I did catch the last episode to see what the fuss was about, and heard both yourself and Benjamin Francis Leftwich, I felt like I should have seen more!

Yeah it’s so bizarre Made In Chelsea, basically, the reason the music is so good on MIC is this woman who used to be a DJ on XFM, called Marsha. She was a day time DJ for a long time and then she moved to Canada and does the music for TV shows like Made In Chelsea, The Inbetweeners, and doing the Inbetweeners movie and so that’s the reason Made In Chelsea has really good music. I don’t mean myself though! But it  really does, it has the Mystery Jets, Golden Silvers, Benjamin Francis Leftwich and loads of different bands and people who probably wouldn’t watch the show would listen too, if you know what I mean!  I kind of stayed in touch with Marsha from when I was doing stuff on my own and she heard my new songs and she told me what she was doing and asked if I minded being put forward for the show. Of course I didn’t, so she put them forward and the people that worked there quite liked it.. So that’s how it all came together.

It was so weird because I was at a mate’s party and wasn’t watching it, but had it on record and I was waiting for it and at 10:45 I got a massive influx of texts from my friends who would probably never admit to watching Made In Chelsea saying stuff like ‘I’m really embarassed that I’m watching this but oh my god you’re on TV!’

Lastly then, can we look forward to an album or EP?

Well, I am about 12 tracks into what I hope is the first album!

How many tracks are there gonna be?!

The plan I think is to record 15-17 that we’re really happy wit. It’s been really nice, I’ve been working with this other guy, and I’d be writing at home, then take them to him and we kind of work on the production that I’ve done and make it sound better because I use Garageband which is awful so it’s been nice going back to the studio with him, working on songs whilst everything else develops a little bit. We haven’t really changed the way we’ve worked at all and there’s some stuff that’s worked, some stuff that hasn’t. But yeah, we’re about 12 tracks in and there’s a queue of other ones we want to record and hopefully if things work out, it would be cool to have an album out next year and then an EP or single, probably a double A side single out in September.

Thanks for chatting to us!

No problem!

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