Fortnightly Fix #5

For a couple of months now us HMCMBers have been recording a podcast “Hey Man, Check My Band’s Fortnightly Fix” showcasing our favourite four tracks of the moment, the best of the blogs,  for our good friends Recharged Radio. We’ve also been inexplicably lax at mentioning that fact on here, as the number in the title would indicate, this is episode number 5 and the first time we have actually mentioned it on the blog! Further title inference suggests that seeing as the podcast is named “Fortnightly Fix” it ought to be airing every 14 days… Once again we’ve slacked a little on that front but today we’ve put our foot down and pledge to address all aforementioned issues from now onwards!

From now on then we shall (hopefully) release the podcast on the first and third Tuesday of every month AND we will write about it right here! That’s surely got to be a good enough incentive to subscribe?! Which you can do one of 3 ways:

1) on iTunes, either by clicking right HERE or searching “Hey Man, Check My Band” on the iTunes store,

2) via Recharged @

3) direct @

So to Fortnightly Fix #5:

Finally with new found freedom and adventure set to line the rest of our summer it felt like time to crush those dreams and knuckle down to some internet scouring for some great new tracks to share. Hopefully it paid off in the raucous party that is Baby Baby, as well as local (for us) Brighton act Twin Brother,  and gladly rejuvenating our loves for the rebranded ∆ and LA Hip Hop trio Goldenwest.

Listen HERE or @