Something For The Weekend – Shuffle (Jack Steadman Remix)

Once again Pete is off galivanting in sunnier climes, this is particulary hard to stomach when the view from my window is making a river look dry… Anyways, enough complaints, before he left Pete was kind enough to leave me a business memo (text): “The Jack Steadman remix of “Shuffle” is unreal”. I duly checked out said remix and can safely say that my sentiments match those of Pete’s.

You do sometimes wonder why an artist remixes one of their own tracks, it’s sort of counter intuitive to put out 2 mixes with your name on, but when it’s done this well, who cares?! From the amped up piano beat that jaunts through the track to the cut up vocals that have been raised an octave or seven and the underlying electro bop that permeates the soundbed in truly entrancing manner, this is a throughly well crafted reimagination.

On a Bombay Bicycle Club related tangent, we are hoping to bring you a review of “A Different Kind Of Fix” ahead of it’s release on the 29th of August, which if you’re as excited as we are about the album will be welcome news! Now in true SFTW (yes we have even acronymed that) manner, I shall keep things short, check out the stream below and have a cracking weekend…

Bombay Bicycle Club  –  Shuffle (Jack Steadman Remix)