Tayyib Ali – Live On The Road

A while ago we HERE promised to do a better job of keeping you updated with all things Tayyib Ali. True to our word, this is his latest video, to accompany “Live On The Road”, the 4th track from his superb “Keystone State Of Mind” to get the visual treatment.

The track is a mellow affair, and as such a rather appropriate temper for current events over here in the UK (that’s as political as things are getting). Lyrically the focus is, unsurprisingly, on life on tour, with no line summing up the trade off between sacrifice and reward that tour demands better than the insightful “my bags got smaller but my name got bigger”. The beat is held back, feeling as though it’s being played at half tempo, but yet again subtly infectious. Tayyib’s flow is equally checked, further showcasing his versatility, and Patten’s benign yet engaging vocals provide the perfect accompaniement. Once again this is a product even better than the sum of, it’s already impressive, parts. Which is just as we’ve come to expect from Tayyib, but no less impressive because of that.

The video is fairly solid standard fare. The age old trick of tour footage use being rather more justified on this occasion however. Tayyib and Dave strike up a decent partnership on the skyline shot that serves as a go between for aforementioned footage. Clearly these two guys are enjoying each others company and moreover the fact they are currently able to do what they love, and what must surely be one of the best experiences in the world, performing their music.

Here’s the stream and download.

Tayyib Ali – Live On The Road (ft Dave Patten)[right-click to download]