In Golden Tears – Urban Emotions

Patrick H. Kowalewski, Mats Dörband, Patrick Behrens and Robin Shaw are In Golden Tears. They hail from Hamburg, with their PR keen to emphasize that being the very same place in which The Beatles perfected their art. Personally that link is a touch bemusing, sonically In Golden Tears would struggle to be less Beatle-esque, opting for introspective melancholy over uplifting pop. Thirst for a geographical connection would be far better quenched with a Brothers Grimm analogy, esoteric tales as alluring as they are sombre.

The opening of “Urban Emotions” is akin to being lost in the woods. The piercing echo of the first half a minute an eerie mist obscuring the surroundings, dark shapes, spectres and shadows flitting in and out of focus before they are scattered by the stentorian vocals. Yet if anything the mist thickens with the added hum of a guitar, riffs alluding to chequered emotion. Soft, tender vocals exude from the distance, Patrick sings of a “beautiful landscape”, aligning perfectly with the enchanting soundscape. The warming duality of the vocals disperses the mist unveiling the clarity proffered by the rising drumbeat, with the lyrics in affirmation, “we are rising but colliding”.  Another layer of guitar fills the void left by the momentarily jettisoned vocals,  the texture richened further by the return of voice and the emanating drums. The soundscape settles briefly as the restrained poetry of the chorus dominates, with the yearning and uncertainty of Patrick’s voice proving the ideal medium . As the end nears vocals are eschewed but the haunting kept at bay by the layers of instrumental which build and build hinting at a euphoric escape, before a harrowing ghosted chant bubbles from beneath as the darkness closes back in.

“Urban Emotions” really is a work of art, from the apt title, through the elegiac lyrics and exquisite instrumental. The radio edit can be found below, and it was this that I had become accustomed to over the months, on account of it being the downloadable version that featured in my library. The full version is however even more of a spectacle, with the extra patience serving to accentuate the emotion and texture of the track. The fact that the radio edit alone managed to stay captivating for so long is testament to the longevity and substance of the piece. The video can also be found below, which in itself is a little unusual (we tend to feature videos atop the post) but it seemed a shame to omit artwork as striking as that above. With a debut that is so strong, across so many facets, In Golden Tears are a truly tantalising prospect for the future, a future that we here at HMCMB will most certainly be following.

In Golden Tears – Urban Emotions [right-click to download]